Spinning Wheel

Small spinning wheel about 30″ high with a foot treadle. Not an antique, but someone’s crafts tool. We think it has all the parts you need for whatever you do with one of these contraptions. $30.

Butcher Scale with hook and scuttle

The perfect addition to your 1930s style meat packing plant or butcher shop. This tool was made for heavy duty work and shows its age. It might be a nice staging piece for a farm-style kitchen decked out with fruit in the scuttle and clumps of dried flowers and herbs on the hooks. $50.

Wire Recorder

Art Deco wire recorder from the 1930s in excellent condition, unusual for a business machine of this age. $45.00

Nancy Drew Paperback Mysteries

Take a trip back to our girlhood with this nostalgic collection of 19 miscellaneous Nancy Drew paperbacks. All in much loved and read condition. $5.00 for the lot.

Yankee Mousetrap

The better mousetrap circa 1860 might have looked like this, possibly to make the mouse think she was crawling into a hoop skirt. Presumably the mouse crawled into the inner chamber and could not find a way out again. Painted metal $45.00.


Scythes. Gracefully curved wooden handles with side grip, about five feet long with 18-24 inch blades. Show appropriate wear from many successful New England harvests. Two available at $25 each.

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